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Every adventurer needs to carry both food and essentials for their journey, while also keeping storage space for the treasures they will discover along the path. Enhance your life quest with our range of rugged and versatile backpacks. This edition has the addition of vintage fabric decorations to the main flap and exterior panels and pockets.


With our focus on producing and not consuming, each backpack is crafted from authentic, recycled military tents. Every tent has served in the training field or combat zone, and the final product shows all the signs of wear, rust stains and other imperfections from its years of service. These battle scars add and enhance the individual character of every bag, making them as unique as their military experiences.


Each backpack features a pair of exterior side pockets, exterior zipped front pocket with magnetic closed flap. Within lies a fully lined interior space with an open interior pocket and sturdy doubled stitched panels throughout. The backpack has padded and adjustable back straps to fit snugly to the owner.


Also available: Non-fabric Edition or enhance your adventure with the following great additions and embellishments:


Stone & Feather Talisman – Black or Rust Edition

In either black or rust colourways, these clip-on accessories are handmade from soft deerskin leather, pheasant wing feathers and either a single agate or turquoise stone.


Ship of Fools Camouflage Pouch – Green or Khaki

These clip-on pouch accessories are made in Oxford Cloth, are water resistant and can hold all those need-to-have-handy items for your travelling on the road. Each pouch bears a stitched black and white fabric patch showing the fantastical vessel that is the mark of Talliston.



While all these items are available separately, there’s a hearty saving if purchased as extras to your backpack.


Upgrade to Vintage Fabric Edition  FOR JUST £10!

Add Black or Rust Stone & Feather Talisman

Add Green or Khaki Ship of Fools Camouflage Pouch  SAVE £10!

Add Talisman and Green Pouch  SAVE 20!


Dimensions: 38 cm L x 32.5 cm W x 8.5 cm

Adjustable back straps: 1m L

Talliston Country of Origin: The Americas

Adventurer’s Military Tent Backpack [Fabric Edition]

£59,00 Prezzo regolare
£49,00Prezzo scontato


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