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Traditionally bound and hand stitched, our range of parchment notebooks hold all the enchantment of classic stationery. Poised halfway between decoration and inspiration, each A6 book is the perfect addition to your cabinet of curiosities. Its blank pages of handmade paper just scream to become your next travel journal, story book or scrapbook diary.


Handmade and finished in France, these A6 notebooks comprise nine titles across two enchanting collections:


Medieval Collection

Blue Knight Parchment Notebook

Golden Knight Parchment Notebook

Maiden & Unicorn Parchment Notebook


Flora & Fauna Collection

Blue Butterfly Parchment Notebook

Golden Butterfly Parchment Notebook

Blue Beetle Parchment Notebook

Red Parrot Parchment Notebook

Orange Toucan Parchment Notebook

Golden Bird Parchment Notebook


Dimensions: A6 / 10 cm x 15 cm

Talliston Country of Origin: France

Blue Knight Parchment Book

£16,00 Prezzo regolare
£10,00Prezzo scontato


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