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This handcrafted limestone pendant is inspired by prehistoric Malta and hand carved with an image known as The Shaman.


The design is from a pottery shard from Ta’ Trapna tomb in the town of Zebbug on the island of Malta. A shaman is a person who communicates between this world and the spirit world, between the lands of the living and the dead.


Hand crafted by Maltese artist and artisan Felix Aquilina from found and scavenged objects and materials found on the Mediterranean islands of Malta, Gozo & Comino. His work is inspired by prehistoric artworks found in the Neolithic temples and sites, each collection being physical manifestations of the artist's deep connection to ancient Maltese culture.


Dimensions: 5 cm L x 3 cm W x 2 cm H

Talliston Country of Origin: Malta

Neolithic Limestone Pendant [Shaman Edition]

£10,00 Prezzo regolare
£8,00Prezzo scontato


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