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Every adventurer needs the best in magical protection on their heroic journeying, and what better to ward off the Evil Eye than one of these fabulous stone and feather talismans.


This version is handmade from soft deerskin leather, pheasant wing feathers and a single agate stone. Agate is known as the stone of the wanderer, inspiring new chapters, transformation and the courage to travel and change. The leather and feathers are sustainably sourced in the Americas, and the entire piece is secured by an antique-brass clip.


Make a stylish addition to your backpack, bag, keyring or as a wearable artwork on your belt loop. Also available in a rust colourway with turquoise stone.


Sold separately, or buy together with one of our Adventurer’s Vintage Tent Fabric Backpacks.


Dimensions: 35 cm – 45 cm L

Talliston Country of Origin: The Americas

Stone & Feather Talisman [Black Edition]

£39,00 Prezzo regolare
£28,00Prezzo scontato


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