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The A-Men, The A-Men Return & Forever A-Men

In very limited stock, John Trevillian's dystopian noir trilogy is a mix of hardboiled science fiction, fast-paced future noir and urban fantasy. Readers join The Nowhereman, Sister Midnight, Pure, D’Alessandro and the 23rdxenturyboy as they fight for their lives on a non-stop ride into a nightmarish world bordering fantasy and reality.


Jack is a man with no memory, awakening in a dark and dangerous metropolis on the eve of its destruction. The only clue to his former life: a handwritten note in the pages of a book of faerie tales entitled Forevermore. Marked for death in a peacekeeping force sent to quell the riots, he finds sanctuary and survival with other renegades on the streets of Dead City.


Battling to survive, they form the infamous A-Men, misfits who have a unifying dream. Yet that is until their paths cross with Dr Nathaniel Glass and his mysterious experiment locked deep beneath the Phoenix Tower.


Hardcover: 334 / 432 / 416 pages

Publisher: Matador; 1st Edition (2010/2011/2012)

Genre: Hardcore adult dystopian/18+ Mature content, violence and language

Also available in audiobook.


“A futuristic action-lover's must read”

Literary R&R


“Wow... Just wow!”

The Arts' Council


“Half Mad Max and half Warhammer 40,000”

Nostalgia For Infinity


“A punk rock wet dream”

The New Podler Review of Books


“Action packed and exciting”

True Science Fiction


“Gritty, dark, funny... Mysterious and compelling”


The A-Men Trilogy 1st Edition Hardbacks



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