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Straight for the pages of The Stranger’s Guide To Talliston come these strings of nautical signal flags. In the story Captain Lars Thorstad hangs them in the branches of his magical galleon, The Leiðarstjarna (The Lodestar).


“And there was moored the strangest ship Joe had ever seen. It was half-boat, half-tree, its single mast fashioned from a leafless oak. In its branches brightly coloured flags fluttered.”


Strings of nautical signal flags criss-cross the bare branches of the ship’s oak mast and were used to communicate between vessels in what the captain calls ‘ship speakings’ and, more importantly, were flown in times of danger and distress.


Each string of nautical bunting in five metre lengths with the flags sewn and hand finished in appliqued and patchworked 100% cotton. They use the nautical alphabet letters W, P, O, X, U, K, R and F, repeated twice on each bunting length.


Each flag is double-sided, with two pieces of fabric sewn together so the design shows both sides. Loops are added at either end for hanging, or tying together to create longer runs.


Dimensions: 5 m L / 16 pennants per length

Individual flag size: 19 cm L x 20 cm H

Talliston Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The Lodestar Nautical Bunting



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