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The wild boar symbolises courage and ferocity in many cultures and the hunting of these shy yet fearsome creatures feature in many tales and folklore. Celtic and Arthurian mythology is particularly rich with stories of wild hunts including the Mabinogion and even Hercules was tasked the subduing of the Erymanthian Boar as one of his twelve labours. Boars are depicted as guardians of the forest and the Norse goddess Freya rode a boar into battle.


This genuine vintage French collectible art plate is made from 92% tin and would make a fine wall feature or mantelpiece decoration invoking old world medieval myths and legends from across Europe. A wonderful piece of heavy French decorative pewter. The embossed design features a hunter, dog and wild boar in a hunting scene. In excellent vintage condition.


Dimensions: 23 cm diameter

Talliston Country of Origin: France

Vintage Hunting Scene Pewter Plate

£46,00 Prezzo regolare
£39,00Prezzo scontato


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